Look Inside highlights: Twitter, TripAdvisor, FINEOS and Version 1 (video)
Inside FINEOS' office in Dublin

Look Inside highlights: Twitter, TripAdvisor, FINEOS and Version 1 (video)

11 Aug 2014

In our employer insights series, we find out what it’s like to work for some of Ireland’s key tech employers, and what it takes to be recruited.

Since October 2013, we have been visiting employers actively recruiting in the tech sector in Ireland to find out what it is they want from candidates. We also wanted to find out what the working environment was like at these companies so job applicants might know what to expect.

The people we spoke to included Mick Canning, manager of Twitter Dublin’s command centre; Jarlath Dooley, HR and operations director at Version 1; Lars Holzman, director of engineering at TripAdvisor Ireland; and FINEOS CEO Michael Kelly.

For a complete insight into these employers, check out their full interviews via the links below.

Look Inside:

The Look Inside video series offers an insight into our Featured Employers and the types of roles and candidates that companies are looking for.

Elaine Burke
By Elaine Burke

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