Market for technical roles buoyant – Morgan McKinley

14 Apr 2011

IT professionals are still highly sought after across the board, according to the latest Morgan McKinley Irish Employment Monitor, which reported a 20pc increase in new job opportunities for professionals in Ireland.

The total figure increased from 7,100 in February to 8,550 in March. There was also a significant uplift (75pc) from the March 2010 figure of 4,896.

“This significant rise, although from a subdued March 2010, was the highest level registered by the Irish Employment Monitor since October 08,” said Karen O’Flaherty, chief operations officer, Premier Group Ireland.

“Despite the backdrop of the IMF’s reduced growth forecast for Ireland, anecdotal evidence from employers, in both city and regional centres, suggests that the mood in the professional sector heading into Q2 is more optimistic than the same time last year.

“The market for technical roles is particularly buoyant, for example, demand for professionals from pharmaceutical and medical device multinational corporations considerably outstrips supply in the Cork region. Further growth is forecast for technical positions in Q2, with export-led manufacturing companies expected to provide the highest number of job opportunities.”

There was a 22pc month-on-month increase in the number of new professional job seekers in March 2011, suggesting many professionals are feeling more confident about exploring career moves, noted O’Flaherty.

“In some fields, salary increases are a motivator, particularly for those who have had their pay frozen for the past two to three years. As the jobs market continues to improve, professionals will be in a position to make more strategic and discerning career decisions.

“Overall, the end of the fiscal year is in some ways a turning point for the business community. Following the formalisation of the new Government and the release of the stress tests, there is a feeling that decisions have been taken and it is time to move forward. This more stable environment should lead to restructuring and development of new business areas in the next quarter, leading to increased movement in the professional jobs market.”

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