Mars retro recruitment poster
Detail from one of the retro recruitment posters designed for a Kennedy Space Center exhibit

Fancy a job on Mars? Check out these retro recruitment posters

15 Jul 2016

Bored of the nine-to-five? Fancy a new challenge? Maybe you could be persuaded to consider a career on Mars.

Even the most optimistic among humankind – Elon Musk – says it will be at least 2024 before we are in a position to send humans to the Red Planet. But, if we do make it there, it looks like farmers, night watchmen, teachers, surveyors, technicians and engineers will be among the professions required, according to these posters.

Although, you may have to stick it out in your current role for a while yet, as these jobs on Mars are unlikely to be available in the near future.

Future Human

The posters – which have heavy nods to World War II-era recruitment posters – were originally commissioned for an exhibit in the Kennedy Space Center in 2009, and our trip to Mars has moved ever-closer since then.

As well as the plans of those like Musk, the controversial Mars One mission is set to soon start whittling its current 100 contenders down to 40, according to reports.

Musk’s SpaceX also saw the power of the retro poster last year, when it released these pretty cool Mars tourism posters.

If you fancy downloading these posters in high resolution to put on your wall, you can do so here.









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All images via Kennedy Space Center

Brigid O Gorman
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