MDS and SWG bring 50 tech jobs to Kells, Co Meath
(Left to right) Gerry Moan, SmartInvest; Jeremy Whyte, SWG Inc; Damien English, TD; Michael McLoughlin, Connect Ireland; Mike Hoprich, MDS Global Technology; Jim Luciano, SWG Inc

MDS and SWG bring 50 tech jobs to Kells, Co Meath

20 Nov 2014

Co Meath received great news today when MDS Global Technologies and SWG Inc officially opened their international headquarters in Kells, creating 50 jobs in the process.

The positions will be filled over the next three years, with both companies already looking to recruit at their new Kells Enterprise and Technology Centre bases.

MDS manufactures equipment to enable IP traffic over existing coaxial cable to the MDU and hospitality space, while SWG buys, sells and repairs wireless and network equipment.

“Key for me in choosing a location was that when we were looking, Ireland had the most interest in what we were trying to do,” explained Jim Luciano, managing director of MDS.

“Secondly, resources. Ireland has really good resources and also to me, it’s been pretty easy. People have been really receptive to what we’ve planned and what our vision is. Everyone has embraced what we’re trying to do.

“We do a lot of business in Europe and Asia and an operation out of Ireland made sense. Meath seemed like a good landing spot for the business. With our product there is really nice potential to grow and Kells will be able to accommodate that growth.”

From the Kells site, MDS will manufacture IP equipment, as well as head up the global sales, technical support, administrative and financial divisions of the company – it is looking for experienced professionals to fill engineering, logistical, sales and general office positions.

Meanwhile, this is SWG’s first base outside of the US, and will house an extensive R&D team as well as repurposing equipment – the company is looking to recruit for a number of technical roles.

“We know we can build a business in Ireland and know we can grow from a solid base and branch out. The location is very easily accessible,” said Greg Kopa, co-founder of SWG.

“The Kells Enterprise and Technology Centre is outside of Dublin, already set up for high tech companies with fibre optics, and it’s a nice area. The people have all been very positive. The other thing about Ireland is that there is a very strong technical base. There is a good labour pool to draw from, Ireland has a good technical background.”

Gordon Hunt
By Gordon Hunt

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