Mobile phone destruction tester is now a career option

9 Jun 2015

Those who want to take their frustrations out on their technology now have the option of being paid to do so as one company is now offering some lucky person the chance to get paid to try and smash the latest range of phones, all in the name of testing.

In the wrong hands, a mobile phone can have a rather short lifespan, whether it is constantly dropped on the ground or perhaps even dropped in the toilet, which means there is a market out there to see what phones are best suited to the daily rigours of life.

So now a mobile phone comparison site called is offering one person a part-time job to push the latest phones to their absolute limits.

The company is even sweetening the deal (or making it sound infinitely worse depending on your viewpoint) as it says the successful candidate will also receive an all-expenses-paid night out and a “free ‘cheeky Nandos’ for every smartphone they test.”

Aside from extreme smashing and drowning of phones, the employee is expected to put it through day-to-day testing, which includes situations such as being “thrown across a nightclub dancefloor, dropped in a vindaloo at 3am or letting a sticky toddler get hold of it”.

The salary isn’t half-bad either, with the person being able to work remotely anywhere in the UK for a salary of £36,500 pro rata.

Taking the job posting very seriously, the company says that: “No degree is required — we don’t hire based on university education (unless your degree is in destruction, which we’re guessing it’s not)” and, and that the tester is a person who “enjoys a drink or two (or ten or fifteen) on a Friday night”.


Smashed mobile phone image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey
By Colm Gorey

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic. He joined in January 2014 and covered AI, IoT, science and anything that will get us to Mars quicker. When not trying to get his hands on the latest gaming release, he can be found lost in a sea of Wikipedia articles on obscure historic battles and countries that don't exist any more, or watching classic Simpsons episodes far too many times to count.

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