Over 80 IT roles coming to Ireland as Tata expands

2 Nov 2015

IT company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has announced the creation of more than 80 “highly-skilled jobs” in Ireland.

With an office in Dublin, the global consultancy company is looking to fill roles across a number of areas, such as project management, development, data science, business intelligence and analyst positions.

Tata Consultancy has operated in Ireland since 2001, working with 100 consultants across the country focusing on areas like education, supply chain, enterprise solutions, digital technologies and IT portfolio optimisation.

“TCS has a track record of sustained investment in Ireland,” said Venkatesh Priyadarshi, head of Ireland operations and business development at Tata.

IT jobs in Ireland — Tata Consultancy

“We look forward to growing the business even further with these new positions. We are looking for highly-trained graduates with varying degrees of experience in industry to fill these positions across Ireland.”

The roles announced today span a wide range of industries, including banking, utilities, food, technology and telecommunications.

“As the Irish economy has accelerated over the last number of months, we are seeing a pronounced increase in demand for the digital and business solutions we provide and expect to grow our business and the number of open positions we will look to hire even further over the next 12 months,” said Priyadarshi.

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Gordon Hunt
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