Poor communications with bosses top reason for moving on – survey

19 Aug 2010

Lack of communication with top management is the No 1 reason Irish professionals would consider quitting their jobs, according to a recent survey by Regus.

While 42pc of respondents said that poor communication with management would be a factor in making them looking elsewhere, 40pc said overwork would encourage them to move on and 38pc said they would not stick with a company where they do not have a chance for promotion.

“As workers pack up their swimsuits and towels after the holidays, they are more likely to dwell on the pros and cons of the job that is waiting for them at home,” said Michael Barth, regional manager, Northern Europe, Regus. “With reports indicating that one of the effects of the recovery is that many more employees have started quitting their jobs and looking around for new ones, businesses that are not providing all the trimmings may be heading for a brain-drain of their best talent.

Future Human

“Stress caused by overwork has escalated during the past recession with people working harder and longer to make sure they can pay the mortgage. Bonuses and job perks were cut back to weather the storm, but as the economy picks up employees will be flocking to businesses that promise them better conditions and not necessarily the biggest wage.”

According to the survey, other key factors impacting on people’s decisions to look for another job include lack of vision at the company (32pc), lack of belief in colleagues’ competence (32pc), the boss taking credit for the employee’s work (24pc), rude colleagues (18pc), too long a commute (18pc) and lack of flexible working practices between home and office (12pc).

The survey also asked workers what companies could do to ensure they stayed. Apart from a pay increase, which was the most popular chosen perk (58pc) in Ireland, 36pc of workers put private medical insurance provided by their employer at the top of their wish-lists and 32pc called for three more holiday days a year. 

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