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Promoting individuality and a culture of care at Etsy Dublin

15 Feb 2016

Outside of Silicon Valley, Etsy has perhaps one of the most talked-about company cultures in the world.

Culture is at the heart of everything Etsy does, and so it’s perhaps not at all surprising that it’s something they’re incredibly happy to talk about. As such, details of the online platform’s culture have bled into the wider media over the years since the company was founded.

Etsy prides itself on being a diverse employer, and that ethos holds true in the Dublin operation, where the majority of employees – somewhat unusually for a tech-driven company, as pointed out by international counsel Ronan Davy – are women.

“Diversity isn’t just some word we stick away in a CSR programme and forget about it,” says Davy. “It’s really at the heart of what we do.”

Within that diverse staff, Etsy pursues an ideology that promotes individuality and embraces the ‘weirdness’ of its employees.

That is bolstered by a team culture that creates a matrix of support within the company.

What is perhaps best known about the company, however, is its culture of care. Care goes into everything the company touches, from developing the marketplace to having a global policy aimed at reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

In Dublin, that translates to ethically-sourced office decorations, community-oriented lunch policies for staff and, as member advisor Franzi mentions, organic, Irish yoghurt on hand.

But culture goes beyond what’s ingrained in a company’s behaviours, and spreads into its workspace and attitude.

A good culture buoys employees’ spirits and, walking around the Dublin office, that’s something that’s clearly evident here. From the lovingly decorated desks of each and every employee to the camaraderie between colleagues, it’s obvious that Etsy staffers are happy with their lot.

Learn more about the Etsy culture:

Etsy are headline sponsors of Career Zoo’s spring event, taking place this Saturday, 20 February, in The Convention Centre Dublin. They will be recruiting for a number of positions on the day.

Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

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