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Donnchadh Casey, EMEA head of operations and professional services, Qualtrics. Image: Connor McKenna

At Qualtrics, culture is a huge part of the interview process

27 Mar 2017

Qualtrics is a leading research software company with a staff of 200 in Ireland, and they’re now looking to expand.

Data is everything.

From companies looking to measure their customers’ satisfaction, to organisations running employee engagement programmes, data is essential for researching and tracking the information you need for success.

“We facilitate companies to collect data … analyse, and act on the data,” said Donnchadh Casey, EMEA head of operations and professional services at Qualtrics. “Essentially, if you’re one of our customers, you’re probably interested in knowing what your own customers, your employees or your market thinks about you.

Casey was at the first Career Zoo of 2017 on 11 March, talking about what makes a good workplace. He said that a good cultural fit was an essential part of the hiring process.

“Having the right experience and the right qualifications certainly gets you to the table, but what really makes a difference with us is whether somebody’s a cultural fit,” he said.

Casey said that Qualtrics prides itself on a strong culture, which means that anyone looking to work there should have a strong set of values that match with the company.

Qualtrics was almost non-existent in Ireland three years ago, until it opened its first international office in Dublin, employing 50 people. Since then, the company has grown fast and Casey said it is still expanding massively.

“We’ve got 200 in Ireland now and we’re looking to double – if not triple – our operations in the coming couple of years,” he said. “We have a number of different positions open, dozens of them in fact.”

Qualtrics is currently hiring in a number of areas in its Dublin office, including sales, marketing, customer support, software engineering and web development.

“We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals,” said Casey. “We have some fairly strong values that we look to when we’re interviewing people; whether they’re transparent or customer-obsessed or scrappy, team-orientated people who are very smart … that means you’re going to have the edge over anybody else applying for a job.”

Jenny Darmody
By Jenny Darmody

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