Smarter Travel Funding Package to create more than 300 extra jobs

11 Jul 2011

Around 330 extra jobs are going to be created with the announcement today of €4m in funding for sustainable travel projects outside the Greater Dublin Area as part of the Jobs Initiative Smarter Travel Funding Package.

“Hopefully this will get people off the dole, improve our transport and tourism potential and result in money being spent in our regional high streets. It is not a full solution but will provide some help to our non-urban areas,” said Alan Kelly TD, Minister for Public and Commuter Transport, in announcing the funding.

“This €4m allocation is in addition to €10m worth of jobs-intensive sustainable travel projects which have already been announced for the Greater Dublin Area and the regional cities.”

Cycle lanes and traffic-calming

Among the projects selected for funding by Kelly is the provision of cycle lanes and cycle parking in Cavan town and the upgrading of footpaths and traffic-calming measures in a number of towns in Co Donegal.

It is estimated that every €100,000 spent will create up to 12 or 13 jobs which will generate about 333 jobs in total.  

“Based on the local authorities’ estimates, delivery of these projects will provide the equivalent of some 25 person-years employment,” Kelly said. 

“Given that all these projects – which are spread throughout the country – must be delivered before the end of the year, this will represent a real and tangible boost to local economies in 2011.

Photo: Cycle lane projects are among the projects to receive funding

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