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8 of the most exciting organisations hiring in software development

5 Mar 2018

With so many companies vying for software development talent, it can be dizzying trying to pick which ones to apply to, so we’ve compiled some of the most innovative and exciting ones hiring right now.

Software developers and software engineers have a uniquely easy time on the job-search front in that it’s generally not hard to be snapped up. If anything, the most difficult part of the job search is trying to decide which job to take.

As we’ve reported before, often the lines between software development and software engineering are blurred. Ultimately, companies use the terms interchangeably and so, in turn, we have done so in this article.

If you’re looking for a job in software development – and also want to work for some of the most well-known, innovative and fastest-growing companies around – this list will serve you well while you seek out the role you’ve always wanted.


As we have written before, e-commerce and mobile commerce are both booming, and eShopWorld provides e-commerce outlets with an invaluable service: instant localisation. eShopWorld converts things such as measurements and currencies for every user so that even the most global of enterprises can retain a ‘local’ feel, and customers can have as easy a time as possible buying from their favourite stores.

The company has opportunities abound for people in software development.


Ammeon serves everyone from financial institutions to government organisations, and business is clearly going swimmingly for the Dublin IT firm as it made not one, but two jobs announcements in the month of February, in Dublin and Belfast, respectively.

The company has software engineering positions available in its offices in Ireland and abroad.


Slack is often touted as a viral start-up success story – and for good reason. The messaging app, which is designed to make communication between teams easier and more seamless, has grown exponentially since it was first released in 2013, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon.

The company has engineering roles available at its offices in San Francisco, New York and Vancouver.


Intercom was dreamed up by Irish entrepreneurs in a café in Dublin who wanted to replicate the friendly, intimate setting of a coffee shop in a messaging app that allows businesses to interact with their customers.

Since hopping across the pond to San Francisco and founding Intercom there in 2011, the company has been tipped as one of the fastest-growing start-ups in Silicon Valley. It is set to almost double its workforce by the end of 2018.

Intercom is hiring for a variety of software development positions.


Dropbox has come to the rescue of all workers in this digital age at least once. Its file-hosting service allows you to keep and transfer your files with the reassurance that they are backed up on the cloud.

The news that the company filed an IPO in late February shows that it’s only set to grow.

Dropbox is hiring engineers across a number of its offices.


The fascinating thing about Autodesk is how broad the applications of its software are, used by everyone from architects to creative media students to engineers.

Autodesk’s products have been leveraged in everything from the construction of the One World Trade Center to the design of Tesla’s electric car motors. Just weeks ago, the company hit headlines with the revelation that it will take on 200 new employees at its Dublin offices.

Autodesk is seeking candidates across a variety of software engineering roles.


As anyone who has had to call up customer service will know all too well, contact between customer service representatives and customers can often end up being needlessly tense and stressful.

Zendesk wants to make the whole process a little more ‘zen’ with its customer service platform, which endeavours to create customer relationships that are more meaningful and productive for all parties.

The company is hiring software engineers at its offices in Australia, the US, Singapore and Ireland.


Payments giant Stripe, fronted by the Collison brothers, has made huge waves in the e-commerce industry.

The firm allows companies both to securely accept payments and – with the help of Stripe Checkout, which debuted in 2014 – enable one-click payments, which often significantly increase the conversion rates on online and mobile purchases.

In early February 2018, the company revealed plans to open a major engineering hub in Dublin and with it create at least a “few dozen” engineering roles in the capital.

Stripe has software development roles on offer at its offices in the US.

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