12 reasons why you should let your staff play games (infographic)

23 Nov 2015

What workplace activity is good for you, reduces stress, helps with team building and can improve staff retention? Playing games, of course.

Video games, fussball, table tennis, pool and air hockey – these are all games that, for very little cost, can maintain a healthy environment among your workforce.

Staff retention is a significant issue for many employers in Ireland, with a labour pool all too happy to move around and try out a position elsewhere. So, creating an environment where staff can thrive and stay is something everybody is trying to do.

So why not try adding games into proceedings? It’s something even schools are looking to implement, after calls for Minecraft to be used as a teaching aide in the Irish education system.

Staff retention techniques have changed

The influx of US tech giants to Ireland has brought about a whole new attitude to office enrichment. We all heard the stories when Google landed in Dublin, with bean bags and free food enough to create a buzz way back when.

These employers, and many more besides, have now taken a far greater interest in enrichment activities in workplaces, with good reason, with this Liberty Games infographic perhaps explaining it best:

Office games

Office table football image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt
By Gordon Hunt

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