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11 tech firms with graduate programmes to kick-start your career

7 Aug 2018

Looking for the perfect graduate programme? Here are a few tech companies with programmes that could inspire you.

It’s that time of year again. Graduates are starting to enter the working world and take their first steps onto the career ladder.

One of the many options available to graduates is the high number of graduate programmes on offer from some of the biggest companies in the world.

This month, we’re focusing on graduates and all of the options they have, including these prestigious graduate programmes.

Graduate programmes offer a unique opportunity for graduates to come in at an entry-level position in one of many industry giants. They are nurtured and trained, and given increasing levels of responsibility until they have substantial experience under their belt.

Want to know about some of these awesome tech firms? We’ve highlighted 11 great companies that offer graduate programmes. Throughout the rest of the month, you will learn about even more great companies for bright, energetic graduates.


Accenture provides a broad range of professional services in areas such as strategy, consulting, digital, technology and security to its myriad high-clients around the world.

Steve Barry was enticed to undertake a graduate programme at Accenture by the inclusive work culture and found that he was swiftly given wonderful opportunities to develop his skills as a technology consulting analyst.

If you too are enticed by the idea of doing a graduate programme with Accenture, you should take a look at the schemes on offer.


Pramerica is the technology arm of Prudential Financial, a US Fortune 500 financial services firm. For graduates who want to thrive in the fintech sector, Pramercia might be the perfect place to start.

In 2017, Pramerica opened a €42m state-of-the-art campus in Letterkenny, offering a wide range of technology and business services and solutions to Prudential. At the forefront of innovation, Pramerica has even started implementing automation into its recruitment process.

Looking to make your way into the world of fintech? Check out Pramerica’s graduate programme here.


In our increasingly globalised and connected world, retailing internationally has never been easier for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Yet with these new possibilities comes new obstacles. How do you market to every corner of the world while ensuring each customer is given a localised experienced? This is what Irish-founded eShopWorld provides for its clients.

We recently interviewed eShopWorld head of HR Sharon Scally about its newly launched graduate programme, which promises to provide a “unique insight” into the online shopping journey. To find out more about doing a placement with the firm, click here.


Consultancy firm PwC says helping clients achieve their goals is at the heart of what they do and building strong client relationships is vital.

Last year, we spoke to Hannah Wolahan, who chose PwC’s graduate programme and talked about the training she received from the company and the value that was put on her career development during the programme.

For graduates looking to blend technology with working with clients, PwC’s graduate programme is a good option to consider.


Aon is a global professional services firm that provides risk, retirement and health solutions in more than 120 countries. The company currently has 500 offices worldwide with 50,000 employees.

In Dublin, the Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics is at the cutting edge of data, and a great opportunity for graduates, as Ella Lyons recently attested to.

If you’re considering entering Aon’s graduate programme, you can find out more about the company and what it has to offer here.

Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments is a multinational financial services company headquartered in Boston. It has sites in Ireland in both Dublin and Galway.

Offering graduate programmes in both financial services and technology, it’s a great option for those interested in the world of finance as well of those entering the tech industry.

If you’re thinking about graduate programmes in the fintech industry, you can find out more about Fidelity Investments here.


Professional services firm Deloitte provides a range of consulting services and has a fully fledged EMEA blockchain lab operating in Ireland.

Last year, Niamh O’Connell, a business analyst within Deloitte’s consulting practice, started out at the professional services firm in a graduate role.

Interested in applying to Deloitte’s graduate programme? You can find out more about its career opportunities here.

Jaguar Land Rover

Legendary British car brand Jaguar Land Rover has set up a thriving software development hub in Shannon. It is here that development of its autonomous driving technology is carried out.

When Gido van Wijk started a graduate programme with Jaguar Land Rover, he hit the ground running. From the outset he was entrusted with important projects that allowed him to both use his existing skills and learn new ones.

If you’d also like to be in a scheme that affords you lots of hands-on experience, you can find out more here.

Liberty IT

Liberty IT develops specialist and enterprise-scale applications and websites to serve the business needs of its parent company, Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Last year, we spoke to Stephen Killilea, senior talent acquisition specialist at Liberty IT to find out what one could expect from a graduate programme as a software developer.

For software development graduates, Liberty IT could be an ideal graduate programme.


EY wants every organisation it works with to function at its optimum level. Working at peak productivity, as the legacy professional services firm understands, helps companies free up resources which allows them to further expand.

EY intern Sarah Murray had heard great things about internships at EY, but still was afraid she may be relegated to coffee-making duties. Fortunately, her fears were abated and she found herself swimming in wonderful opportunities.

Sound like a good fit for you? You can learn more here.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Merrill Lynch is the corporate arm of Bank of America. It is an investment bank that provides services to clients in mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt capital markets, lending, trading and more.

At the beginning of August, we heard from Rebecca McGowan, a graduate working at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, to find out about her experience.

Interested in entering the world of fintech through Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s graduate programme? Learn more about its opportunities here.

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