The generation game: Who’s next to rule the workplace? (infographic)

19 Jan 2015

The make-up of Ireland’s workforce has three key ingredients: Generations X, Y and Z, a new infographic reveals.

As the baby boomers – the largest generation in history – retire and leave the workplace, it will be up the rest of us to fill their senior positions. But how different will our working attitudes and cultures be from our predecessors?

Quite different, it seems, going by this infographic from Next Generation Recruitment.

For clarification purposes, those born between 1966-76 are considered Gen X, described as the breadwinners here. 1977-94 are Gen Y, the most passionate employees. Those born since are Gen Z, commonly known as Millennials, these true ‘digital natives’ are online 10+ hours of the day.

“The key challenge that faces many organisations is the ability to marry and unite the different generations within a workforce,” explains Linda Davis, MD at Next Generation Recruitment.

“Employee engagement is key, and organisations need to understand what the motivators are for Generation X, Y and Z and what are the variances among different attitudes to the changing worlds of employment.

“A key consideration is to ensure you have a very flexible rewards scheme so that it appeals across all of the generations.”

Generation X, Y and Z

Multiple generations image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt
By Gordon Hunt

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