Toronto and Dublin: Americans’ favourite places to live in
Dublin's O'Connell Bridge

Toronto and Dublin: Americans’ favourite places to live in

27 Jan 2015

Americans seeking to relocate and work elsewhere should look no further than Toronto and Dublin, research into location ratings for expatriate living conditions published by ECA International, suggests.

The ratings rank Copenhagen, Zurich, Ottawa and Vancouver behind Ireland’s capital – London did not make the top 20.

The rankings, encompassing 450 global locations, are compiled to help companies who are sending employees away from their US base.

It takes into account compensation requirements for relocation and the level of adaptation required to settle in.

Everyone is different

“Good air quality, solid infrastructure, decent medical facilities, low crime and health risks have contributed to Toronto topping the global ranking for quality of living for American assignees,” explains Michael Witkowski, vice-president of ECA International.

“Where an employee is going from and to can affect the level of adaptation required on the part of the assignee for some of the factors we measure.”

With this in mind, Europeans find Toronto in 30th spot, rather than first, while Asians rank it 54th. For European expatriates, Bern and Copenhagen are the most liveable location, while someone expatriating from Asia will find it easiest to adapt to living and working in Singapore.

Globally, the hardest locations to adapt to living and working in are Lashkar Gah and Kandahar, both in Afghanistan. The top 10 locations are:




1 Toronto Canada
2 Dublin Ireland
3 Copenhagen Denmark
4 Zurich Switzerkand
5 Ottawa Canada
6 Vancouver Canada
7 Bern Switzerland
8 Stockholm Sweden
9 Seattle US
10 Boston US








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