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Trilateral Research adds 10 jobs to Waterford site with EU funding

6 Sep 2021

The company has received funding for research into the climate crisis, information security and misinformation.

Technology development and consultancy company Trilateral Research has announced it is creating 10 new roles at its site in Waterford.

The jobs come on the foot of the UK-based company being awarded €1.2m in EU funding “to undertake cutting-edge research in climate change, cybersecurity and combatting misinformation,” it said.

The new positions will add to the 40 jobs the company announced last November when it established a new research centre in Belview Port, and will cover a range of specialties including social science researchers, marketing specialists and accountants.

Trilateral Research is currently advertising a number of positions on its website.

The EU funding comes from the Green Deal Work Programme and the Internal Security Fund, and will be used to research public policy development in relation to the climate crisis, cross-border information sharing in cybercrime, and techniques for combatting radicalisation and misinformation exposure.

Trilateral Research’s CEO, Kush Wadhwa, said the company would contribute to the EU’s efforts in these areas and “leverage data through responsible AI to tackle the complex social problems that increasingly affect us all”.

Minister for Business, Employment and Retail Damien English, TD, added: “I am very pleased to see the success achieved by Trilateral in securing over €1.2m of EU funding.

“The company’s work at the cutting edge of technology in delivering sustainable innovation to make society a better place is driven by a growing and talented workforce, a public-private collaborative approach to research and reflects the Government’s work to bring high-tech companies and high-quality jobs throughout the regions.”

Rachel Finn, the company’s head of Irish operations and senior practice manager, commented: “There is an exciting opportunity here for the south-east region to make a name for itself in relation to climate change, cybersecurity and misinformation.

“In doing this work, Trilateral will leverage our local partnerships with universities, ITs and technology providers to ensure our work is cutting edge and showcases local capabilities.”

Jack Kennedy
By Jack Kennedy

Jack Kennedy is a freelance journalist based in Dublin, coming from a background in computer and electronic engineering. He currently serves as the editor of Trinity News, Ireland’s oldest student newspaper. He’s interested in international relations and has strong feelings about baseball.

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