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Employers are signing up to accept job applications via TikTok

8 Jul 2021

Users in the US can apply for job openings at a number of companies by uploading a video of their skills and experiences using the #TikTokResumes hashtag.

TikTok has launched a new programme that allows users to apply for jobs using videos. The pilot phase started yesterday (7 July) and will only be available in the US.

The programme, called TikTok Resumes, will help jobseekers apply for positions from entry-level to more experienced roles using videos that creatively showcase their skills and experiences. Users must upload their videos using the hashtag #TikTokResumes in the caption.

Major companies that have teamed up with TikTok to recruit suitable candidates include restaurant chain Chipotle, retail giant Target and wrestling entertainment company WWE.

“With the rise of career and job-related creative content, TikTok believes there’s an opportunity to bring more value to people’s experience with TikTok by enhancing the utility of the platform as a channel for recruitment,” the company said in a blog post.

“Short, creative videos, combined with TikTok’s easy-to-use, built-in creation tools have organically created new ways to discover talented candidates and career opportunities.”

Kayla Dixon, marketing manager at TikTok, said that the new programme is an extension of the TikTok College Ambassadors programme which saw the employment of “hundreds of college students” as on-campus brand representatives.

Dixon said: “Like many, college students were impacted by the pandemic and have displayed a resilience and unwavering optimism that’s truly been inspiring. We’re excited to help students and job seekers everywhere unleash their creativity and ‘get the bag’!”

TikTok already has a growing career and job-related community that shares tips and advice under the hashtag #CareerTok, which has over 64m views to date.

Nick Tran, global head of marketing at TikTok, said: “#CareerTok is already a thriving subculture on the platform, and we can’t wait to see how the community embraces TikTok Resumes and helps to reimagine recruiting and job discovery.”

TikTok Resumes can be accessed in-app through the hashtag and through a dedicated website. Users can find job listings, examples of video résumés and profiles of TikTok users who create careers-related content.

TikTok said that the webpage will be accessible through multiple entry points, its Discover page. The pilot programme is accepting video résumés for US job openings until 31 July.

This news comes days after the company announced it will offer “more tok on the clock” by giving creators up to two additional minutes for their videos. Currently, video uploads on the platform are limited to 60 seconds.

Vish Gain
By Vish Gain

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