Former IT workers who wish to return to the workplace can be brought up to speed thanks to this innovative approach by VMware

VMware to train and return former IT workers to the workforce

31 Aug 2016

A new 12-week back-to-work initiative from VMware is open for ex-IT professionals looking to retrain and return to the workplace.

Part of a growing trend of similar initiatives, VMware’s ISA Software Skillnet-backed initiative runs for 12 weeks and is made for those out of the industry for more than two years.

This could include people who were stay-at-home parents or were out of work for a period of time but now wish to return to the workforce.

The course is designed to prepare ‘high-potential jobseekers’ for a reintroduction into an industry that has probably changed dramatically since candidates left their previous roles.

Virtualisation player VMware employs more than 18,000 people worldwide and has revenues of more than $6bn a year.

Opportunity to join VMware

Within the 12 weeks is eight weeks of intensive training, and a four-week placement in technical support at VMware. There are also soft skills, such as CV construction, social media training and interview skills workshops.

At the end of the course, there is the “opportunity to join VMware”, according to the company, with women looking to re-enter the tech industry “particularly welcomed”.

Participants will receive training in virtualisation, networking, storage, Linux, Windows, project management and technical writing.

The course is fully funded by the ISA Software Skillnet and VMware, and will provide a number of industry-recognised certificates that will equip participants for a range of current job opportunities in VMware and other companies.

At the end of the course, participants will be skilled to work in the following roles: service account manager; technical account management; tech support engineer; regional escalation manager; customer service rep/manager; duty/queue manager, project manager; tech support supervisor; sales engineer; business analyst, professional services and technical training.

Last July, we wrote of similar projects being undertaken by both PayPal and Bank of America Merril Lynch (BAML).

Calling the programmes ‘Recharge’ (Paypal) and ‘Returning Talent’ (BAML), each has been created with a slightly different concept, but a similar ethos.

A Chicago and San Jose pilot programme, Recharge is structured to support skilled female staff who, through taking a break for whatever reason, have seen technologies move on in their absence.

At BAML’s UK operations, the Returning Talent programme in Chester follows in the footsteps of a similar London project. A two-day conference, the programme aims to get 25 returning workers into a room to listen to talks and advice, while getting hands-on with workshops to help get them back up to speed.

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