What tech employers want: AOL (video)
Aengus McClean, senior vice-president of global advertising technologies, AOL Ireland

What tech employers want: AOL (video)

18 Sep 2013

We were at Career Zoo this 14 September, asking top tech employers what they’re looking for in candidates. AOL Ireland’s senior vice-president of global advertising technologies Aengus McClean filled us in on what skills the company is looking for, and also gave us an insight into the firm’s recruitment process.

Recruiting for jobs in cutting-edge technology, AOL is primarily looking for technical staff in the area of software development, but there are also opportunities within the company in areas like accountancy and managed services.

But when it comes to recruiting technical staff – the backbone of the organisation, says McClean – there are challenges to face, as recruitment in the IT sector in Ireland and, indeed, across the globe, is very competitive. This is why AOL has developed what McClean calls a “developers’ playground” to create a “sticky work environment” where staff can enjoy what they do. This is not only important for employee satisfaction and but also in retaining current staff and attracting new hires.

McClean also talked us through the recruitment process at AOL, assuring that “we make sure we put people at ease and we make sure we find out who the real person is.”

For more information on careers at AOL Ireland, visit the company’s Jobs page.

Elaine Burke
By Elaine Burke

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