What tech employers want: Murex (video)
Laura Murphy, global sourcing lead, Murex

What tech employers want: Murex (video)

19 Sep 2013

The slogan ‘going places with Murex’ attracted many job-seekers to the financial tech player’s stand at Career Zoo recently, so we made sure to ask global sourcing lead Laura Murphy what kind of employee they’re looking for.

There are about 80 positions available with Murex at its offices in Dublin and Paris. The company is recruiting both computer engineers and financial software consultants, be they experienced or fresh from earning their degree.

A typical Murex hire would have a background in maths, engineering, physics, finance or computer engineering – there’s even one staff member with a degree in rocket science.

Future Human

With 14 offices worldwide, Murex is a global brand serving major clients in banking and finance, but the name may not be well-known in Ireland. We asked Murphy to fill us in on the company and also let us know what it’s like to work there.

Those interested in a career at Murex are encouraged to apply online. Visit the company’s careers website for more details.

Elaine Burke
By Elaine Burke

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