Giulio Calef| Work at Tableau Software
Giulio Calef, Tableau Software's senior manager technical support

Hiring across all levels at Tableau Software in Dublin (video)

22 Oct 2015

Giulio Calef, senior manager technical support, takes us through life at Tableau Software’s Irish operations in Dublin.

Tableau has fast become one of the most recognisable names with regards to data visualisation.

“We’re transforming the way people use data to solve problems. We make analysing data fast, easy, beautiful and useful,” Calef explained.

For those unaware of what Tableau gets involved with, this Rugby World Cup project is just one example of how its drive to push data visualisation out to the masses is continuing.

“We look for people who are agile learners, who think outside the box. They have interpersonal skills and can interact with others,”  Calef added, with current roles across all areas of experience available at the company.

Work at Tableau

Last month, Tableau announced a further hiring drive as it made plans to recruit 80 people at its Dublin facility, tripling the workforce there.

So the likes of graduate level technical support, mid-level senior engineering and senior technical lead positions are all available.

This hiring drive is on the back of a global shift towards data visualisation, something Tableau, naturally, is embracing.

Speaking last year, one of Tableau’s leading voices spoke about the importance of datavis, with their VP of EMEA, James Eiloart, highlighting how not just their own platform, but all datavis, is a means of democratising data.

“The pressing need to understand and act upon data quickly means everyone will have to become comfortable handling data. We all need to become a data specialist – no matter our current position or field of expertise.”

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