Sean Cotter, senior operations manager, Voxpro
Sean Cotter, senior operations manager, Voxpro. Image: Connor McKenna

Want to work at Voxpro? You must be a people person

14 Sep 2017

Culture is increasingly becoming one of the most important parts of any job. So, what’s it like to work at Voxpro?

If you’re looking for a job in the tech industry, the world is pretty much your oyster. There’s a serious talent shortage, and major tech companies are lining up to show talented candidates that they’re the best to work for.

But what exactly is the top talent looking for these days? A good company culture is often one of the most important things.

Everyone wants to know what makes each company stand out as a great place to work. So, what exactly is that when it comes to Voxpro?

“What makes Voxpro a great place to work is the people. We work with people from all over the globe,” said Sean Cotter, senior operations manager at Voxpro.

“I think you have to be a people person to work here,” he said. “We work with people, we work for people. One of our core values is, there’s no such thing as a normal day, and that’s very true, no matter what level you work at.”

Cotter also cited the company’s desire to always move with the times and make necessary changes for the better, including an annual initiative within Voxpro to help identify those changes.

“The company is really passionate about improving things so they listen to their employees,” he said. “For the people that come here and stay here, that’s really rewarding and it’s really valued in Voxpro.”

Partner onboarding coordinator Carlynn McCarthy said the culture is really exciting and collaborative. “It’s very open as well, so lots of different levels interact with each other,” she said. “You learn a lot almost unintentionally and it’s very engaging.”

McCarthy said Voxpro has special induction days that include the journey of the company so far. “Everyone takes away a little bit of that and they bring it into their role when they come in.”

Andris Babuskins is an e-learning architect at Voxpro. He said the company helped him to grow his career by being supportive and open to feedback. “[It’s] always looking for that creative side of mine, which helps me deliver more material.”

Want to work at Voxpro? Check out the Voxpro Careers page for current vacancies.

Jenny Darmody
By Jenny Darmody

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