50 new research jobs for Cork’s APC Microbiome
APC Microbiome has announced 50 research jobs at a new facility, set to open today at University College Cork

50 new research jobs for Cork’s APC Microbiome

28 Aug 20151.66k Views

APC Microbiome – formerly Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre – has announced the creation of 50 new research jobs ahead of the launch of its new facility, a national centre of excellence for food and medicine research at University College Cork.

The research jobs will be across a wide range of science-related fields.

“These are hi-tech jobs, generally for people with basic degrees in the sciences… biochemistry, microbiology, [and] immunology,” said APC Microbiome director Prof Fergus Shanahan.

APC is a gastrointestinal health research institute exploring the role gastrointestinal bacteria (microbiome) play in health and disease.

According to Shanahan, the creation of the research jobs has been made possible by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) funding, which enabled APC to secure new industrial partnerships.

APC has been able to establish relationships with international companies that, hitherto, have had no association with Ireland.

The new facility at UCC will be officially launched by Minister for Agriculture, Food, the Marine and Defence Simon Coveney later this morning.

Recruitment for the research jobs begins today (28 August).

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