Company culture takes Career Zoo spring event by storm
Image: Luke Maxwell

Company culture takes Career Zoo spring event by storm

22 Feb 20161.1k Views

This past weekend, Career Zoo – and the attendant hordes of employers, jobseekers, and tech and biotech enthusiasts – descended on The Convention Centre Dublin for Ireland’s leading recruitment event.

This year brought back some of the Career Zoo favourites, like Tech Town and the BioCluster, and added new events like coding workshops to the roster, but culture was the real star.

Career Zoo has long zeroed in on areas like women in tech, and finance, but an expanded speaker series at Saturday’s event put a new focus on company culture and how instrumental it can be to a company’s success. was down at Career Zoo to talk to employers about everything from the tech pipeline to diversity and inclusion. But, knowing that in an era of increased competition between companies over the best talent, culture can make all the difference, we made sure to ask everyone we spoke to how their culture makes them stand out from the crowd.

Speaking to a diverse range of companies – from tech giants like Etsy to biopharma heavyweights like MSD and Bristol-Myers Squibb – we quickly learned that most companies have exceptionally different approaches to culture, all striving to create a unique personality that differentiates them from other tech or biopharma companies.

To learn about the culture across a range of employers and sectors, watch our Career Zoo highlights:

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Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

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