Michelle Cullen, MD and Head of Diversity, Accenture
Michelle Cullen, MD and Head of Diversity, Accenture Ireland. Photo: Connor McKenna

Accenture: ‘Career Zoo great forum for meeting candidates’ (video)

15 Sep 20151.23k Views

Saturday saw the 10th iteration of Career Zoo, Ireland’s leading tech recruitment event, draw thousands of eager jobseekers to the Convention Centre Dublin. Accenture was onsite to speak to them about the wide range of careers on offer within the company.

During a break in her busy schedule at Career Zoo, we spoke to Michelle Cullen, MD and head of diversity at Accenture, about a number of areas of great importance to jobseekers, from highly-sought-after candidates to diversity and employee benefits.

Speaking about the current recruitment market, Cullen said it’s a competitive arena, particularly when it comes to areas requiring specialist technology and digital skills.

She spoke about what Accenture has to offer as a draw for candidates, citing flexible working arrangements, opportunities for career advancement and the ability to work across different sectors.

She was also keen to highlight Accenture’s rigorous graduate programme, which hires grads on a full-time, permanent basis in management consulting, technology consulting and technology arenas, also affords grads the opportunity to travel to other Accenture operations, as far afield as Chicago or Bangalore, India.

Cullen spoke at length about the huge importance of diversity within the organisation, touching on Accenture’s track record of empowering women, the company’s status as a GLEN Diversity Champion, and the use of assistive technologies for employees with learning difficulties.

Finally, Cullen discussed the qualities Accenture looks for in a potential employee – she highlighted skills in technology, digital and analytics, and specific industry experience, but also spoke of ambition and motivation as key attributes the company seeks in candidates.

Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

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