Tech candidates now seeking bigger challenges, says Version 1
Lorraine O'Sullivan, Infrastructure Consultant at Version 1. Photo: Luke Maxwell

Tech candidates now seeking bigger challenges, says Version 1

18 Sep 2015575 Views

As the doors of The Convention Centre Dublin opened for Career Zoo 10 this past Saturday (12 September), no small amount of those passing through them were there for Version 1.

Version 1 was at Career Zoo, Ireland’s largest tech recruitment event, to find “the best of the best”. spoke to Lorraine O’Sullivan, Infrastructure Consultant at Version 1, about what the IT consulting company looks for from candidates.

Some of the key attributes valued by Version 1 include initiative, a desire to be challenged, and the ability to work well on a team.

Speaking about how the make-up of those attending Career Zoo has changed since the economic recovery began, O’Sullivan said that candidates were now seeking more of a challenge, and really hoping to develop their careers, not just get on the bottom rung.

At Version 1, O’Sullivan said, there are a number of avenues to employment, from internships to grad programmes to the in-house referral system.

O’Sullivan also discussed diversity, and how it can make a team, and a workplace, far better.


Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

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