3 reaches 80pc of population

20 Sep 2006

Third-generation mobile network 3 claimed yesterday that it is now capable of reaching 80pc of Ireland’s population with its 3G services.

The company said that as a result of its partnership with Nokia, NEC and Siemens Mobile it has rolled out and integrated over 540 radio sites.

This, it says, represents one of the fastest rollouts of infrastructure in telecommunications industry history.

The company says that it is ahead of schedule to beat the regulatory requirement of 85pc population coverage by the end of 2007 as stipulated by the Commission for Communications Regulation in its 3G licence agreement.

David Hennessy, 3’s head of network rollout, commented: “Our strategy has always been to roll out the most advanced network in the country, creating a better-quality service and offering more choice to consumers.

“With more combined 2G and 3G coverage than any other operator, 3’s customers can enjoy the latest handsets and services up and down the country,” said Hennessy.

3 Ireland launched its services exactly a year ago onto the Irish market and says that over 3.2 million consumers around Ireland can access mobile entertainment such as Barclays Premiership highlights and a host of other music and video services.

The company has not yet revealed how many people have signed up for its services.

Among the multimedia content available on the network are over 400,000 music tracks, action from the GAA and a range of classic comedy clips such as Father Ted.

Robert Finnegan, 3 Ireland’s managing director, commented: “3 is the newest mobile operator in Ireland yet we’re already offering the latest technology and services to more people in Ireland than any other network.

“The 3 Group of companies has led the development of 3G services around the world. We bring that expertise and commitment to Ireland as we challenge the old networks, offering more value and better services to Irish consumers than ever before,” said Finnegan.

By John Kennedy