3 unveils new mobile advertising strategy

12 Feb 2010

Mobile operator 3 has signed a deal with mobile internet platform provider MoMac to deploy a new portal powered by its GoPortal delivery engine plus its GoSell advertising server platform.

The move will allow 3 to implement innovative advertising solutions, including the ability to manage, deliver and optimise mobile advertising campaigns on the mobile portal.

Advertising campaigns can be set to reach customers based on specific handset data, demographics, channels and time-specific promotions.

What GoSell does

GoSell allows for advertising feeds to be prioritised by CPM (cost per impression), providing 3 with the ability to achieve the highest fill rate possible and maximise revenue.

“MoMac is able to provide us with an innovative proposition that allows us to give users a next-generation portal that positions 3 as a leading operator on the mobile internet,” Rob Langton, head of products, 3, explained.

“Users will be able to customise their mobile experience and decide which of their favourite mobile internet products and services are available via the homepage. GoMedia gives us the ultimate range of flexibility and will allow us to easily evolve the portal and offer new and innovative services to our customers.”

What GoMedia will offer

3 chose GoMedia to create and manage a next-generation mobile internet portal with extreme flexibility and ease of use. Integrations with social networks, e-mail and major internet brands and services will be offered via GoMedia.

The platform also provides increased functionality to bring a rich-media mobile browsing experience to the end-user, taking advantage of the ever increasing capabilities of new handsets.

“Consumers of mobile services need to find the content that is relevant to them quickly and easily,” said Sham Careem, managing director of MoMac UK.

“The days of having to click through multiple pages to get to their desired destination are coming to an end. With GoPortal, we bring the content to the user. As well as personalisation, the new service allows users to access their email, social networks and manage them in one place,” Careem said.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years