Adobe creates Flash to HTML5 conversion tool

8 Mar 2011

Adobe has launched a new tool called Wallaby, which lets designers and developers convert Flash files into HTML5 by simply dragging and dropping the mouse.

The tool is an Adobe AIR application which has been released on Adobe Labs. By dragging and dropping a Flash file into it, it exports HTML5 code which can be used on numerous platforms, including through Safari on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

However, it will not work on Flash features that HTML does not support.

“We invite customers to download Wallaby, try out the code it generates, and provide feedback on how they are using it to create simple animations, like banner ads, and translating graphical content,” said Adobe in a blog post.

“User response to the Wallaby technology preview will enable us to better understand how we can continue to support customers who want to reduce their learning curve for HTML5 development while leveraging the tools and skills they have today and reach users across more devices than ever.”

The move follows the battle between Apple and Adobe, after Apple chose not to have its iOS devices support Adobe Flash, instead opting for the upcoming web standard HTML5.

Adobe hopes both Flash and HTML5 can exist in the web of the future.