Advertisers to tap into mobile ad market in 2011

3 Dec 2010

Advertisers hoping to tap into the lucrative mobile phone market with their products can give their hands a vigorous rub back and forth as the uptake of mobile advertising appears to have shifted gear.

Advertisers could soon be stepping it up a notch with their customer-targeted advertisements on consumer’s handsets, and companies from different corners of the world are recording strong interest already, according to recent a Reuters article.

Andrew Osis, chief executive of Poynt, said that, for 2011, advertisers were factoring in the mobile market into their budgets and despite a slow takeup he felt there was a potential growth market there.

The advent of the iPhone and smartphone technologies opens the threshold for mobile advertisers as they no longer need to worry about minuscule screens and slow performance hampering the look of their products.

Apple has already rolled-out the iAd Network to enable advertisers to reach the Apple audience and in May this year, Google acquired mobile advertising network AdMob, a developer of mobile-specific ad units and solutions.

With smartphones readily accessing the internet, and with some specialising in social media website access, the advertising has in itself already begun but a more targeted, customer-specific approach, using their location, nationality and price plan, could be on the cards for 2011.