repels attacks from Anonymous group

10 Dec 2010 is the most recent target of hactivists Anonymous but managed to fend off the bombardment of the 1,500-stong hacker group.

The group, composing the attacks in direct opposition to the freeze on WikiLeaks accounts, have been launching attacks against Amazon this week due to the fact they have severed ties with WikiLeaks.

PayPal has also encurred the brunt of the hackers’ disdain and told the Washington Post yesterday that the company had beefed up its security in response to calls online to bring the site down.

Social media

Anonymous has been using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to organise their attacks, despite having had their Facebook and Twitter presence removed (Anon_Operationn, promoting the hash tags #payback and #DDOS), due to Operation Payback, it has constantly changed location in an effort to keep operations ongoing.

Messages like “Target locked on” appeared on the social media pages and the tweets had previously encouraged the successful attacks on and Visa Europe.