Amazon Dash allows users to order everyday items at the push of a button

1 Apr 2015

A Dash Button. Photo via YouTube

Online retailer Amazon has released a new piece of hardware that allows customers to order common household products by simply pushing a button.

The Dash button is available to Amazon Prime members and can be hung, stuck, or placed anywhere its owner so desires. So if a customer is running low on bottled water, they can simply hit the big button they’ve attached to their fridge and Amazon will deliver the product straight to the door.

The device connects to the user’s home Wi-Fi. Once the button has been pressed, Amazon sends an order via the accompanying SmartPhone app, which also includes the option of cancelling the product. And to stop incidents like, say, a child hitting the button hundreds of times and racking up a huge bill for his or her parents, the Dash Button only responds to the first press until the order is delivered, unless the customer elects otherwise.

Three Dash buttons are allowed per user and the offer is only open to members who receive an email from Amazon with an invitation to receive the hardware for free. Available products include everyday items like toiletries, cleaning products and pet food.

Click below to watch Amazon’s preview video.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic