An offer an Irish firm couldn’t refuse . . .

9 May 2006

An Irish games software company that began life in the labs of Trinity College Dublin developed the physics engine behind The Godfather computer game that recently went to No 1 in the UK computer games charts.

Powered by Havok Physics, The Godfather game is loaded with spectacular visual effects, realistic vehicles and collisions and shootouts that will have you running for cover.

Havok, a leading supplier of cross-platform middleware solutions for the gaming and entertainment industries, has been the physics engine of choice for just about every major title on every major platform, including the Xbox 360, launched in 2006.

Havok Physics includes collision detection and vehicle dynamics that allow game developers to build games that are lifelike in the way characters, objects and vehicles move and interact with each other. No other middleware on the market has the capability, stability and seamless integration that Havok supplies.

When EA took on the massive challenge of trying to transform the movie The Godfather into an equally compelling game, Havok was the clear choice. To translate the mobster world of 1940s New York, with all the intensity, sights, sounds, car chases and shootouts, was a daunting task few companies were willing to consider.

Havok Physics helped EA translate the movie to a game that captures the look and feel of the original. Havok vehicle dynamics was used to create the vehicles in the game, allowing players to recreate the experience of Michael Corleone driving down a neighbourhood street on his way to a hit.

Havok’s vehicle dynamics also enable the cars to realistically crash into each other and drive into walls and other obstructions. Havok’s collision detection adds another level of realism to the game.

From spraying bullets penetrating gangsters, buildings and any other objects in the way to crates that come crashing down in warehouses, Havok Physics provided EA with the tools to add the details that enabled the game to be as enthralling and chilling as the movie.

The Godfather and its success is yet another example of the power Havok products provide,” stated David O’Meara, CEO of Havok.

“With Havok, developers are able to reach levels of realism that translate to great games for players and with the upcoming launch of Havok 4.0, Havok FX and Havok Behavior developers will have a suite of powerful tools that will again take gaming to an entirely new level.”

By John Kennedy

Pictured — Mafia don Micheal Corleone in a scene from The Godfather game, made realistic by physics software developed by Irish games company Havok