Android most popular for new smartphone owners, BlackBerry still dominant

5 Oct 2010

Android is the most popular mobile operating system among people who bought smartphones within the last six months, beating BlackBerry and Apple’s platforms, Nielsen reports.

Some 32pc of new smartphone owners chose a phone with an Android operating system.

BlackBerry’s RIM and Apple’s iOS were almost neck and neck, with BlackBerry’s offerings appealing to 26pc of the market and iPhones appealing to 25pc.

The data was gathered from August and includes the time that the iPhone 4 became available.

However, while the Android platform was up in terms of interest and new adoption, BlackBerry still holds the most dominant share of the market, with 31pc.

However, this appears to be falling slowly from February onwards.

Some 28pc of smartphone owners have iPhones, which has been steady for the past six months, while 19pc of smartphone users have Android handsets. It has risen from its January figure of 8pc.