Apple opens to developers

2 Aug 2011

Apple has opened its beta web interface to developers, allowing them to test out Mail, Calendar, Contacts and iWorks apps with iCloud.

Developers can input their Apple ID and password to to access these apps with iCloud support.

They can also get new versions of iPhoto for Mac and iWork apps for iOS with iCloud.

The pricing for the service has also been revealed. It will come with 5GB free storage but users can upgrade to 10GB for €16 per year. They can double this space to 20GB for €32 a year and they can boost it further to 50GB for €80 per year.

iCloud will let users sync and backup data on their different Apple devices through the cloud.

It will sync changes including device settings, app data, purchased music and the users’ camera roll, including photos and videos.

The service will work for Mac OSX Lion, iOS 5 and Windows.