Apple reveals updates for iPad and iPhone, including Remote 2.0

29 Sep 2010

Apple has flicked the ignition button on a number of important updates for the iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod families, including Remote 2.0, which brings remote control features to the iPad. It has also released its second beta of iOS 4.2.

Apple yesterday revealed an update for its Remote application to add support for the iPad, the retina display on the iPhone 4 and iPod touch as well as the new Apple TV.

This allows users to turn their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a remote control for iTunes and Apple TV. The difference this time is the iPad can now be used as a TV or a way to consume video or music content remote controlled with your iPhone or iPod touch.

“From anywhere in your home change a song, pick a playlist or browse through your entire library,” Apple said yesterday.

“With a flick of your finger you can even control every aspect of the Apple TV interface.

“Use your device’s QWERTY keyboard to quickly tap out the title instead of clicking letters on the Apple TV screen. Then keep tapping to play, fast forward, rewind and pause your finger’s content.”

As well as this, developers have been issued with the latest betas for the two major upcoming software releases from Apple – iOS 4.2 and iTunes 10.1.

Impending arrival of iOS 4.2

The release of iOS 4.2 to developers is the second beta of the software update. iOS 4.2 is expected to be available for the iPad, the iPhone 4, the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 3G and second, third and fourth-generation iPhones.

Earlier this month, Apple debuted AirPrint, its new printing standard for the iPad, iPhone and the iPod touch, which allows iOS-based devices to print to a shared printer connected to a PC or Mac.

The release of iOS 4.2 in November will give iPad owners access to such abilities as multi-tasking and setting up homescreen folders.

Apple also at the weekend released an update to iTunes with version 10.0.1, which Apple says makes it easier to share your favourite music with friends on Ping and users can now “like” or post comments about the music they are listening to right from the iTunes library.

A new sidebar has been added to the social networking service that allows users to see the recent activity of a selected artist in the library or all the artists and friends you follow.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years