Apple rumoured to be buying up 10-inch OLED displays for the iPad

13 Jan 2010

The rumour mill is once again in overdrive regarding Apple’s potential iPad tablet computer device, with claims that the Silicon Valley player is buying up 10-inch OLED displays in Asia.

The rumours have been sparked by claims that other manufacturers are finding it increasingly difficult to source 10-inch OLED displays because Apple is apparently buying all the supplies available.

Apple typically buys up vast quantities of components, such as NAND flash, before it actually releases new devices like iPods to the marketplace.

Apple product launch date

Apple is due to launch its latest range of products on 26 January and it is widely speculated that a 10-inch tablet computing device long wished for by Apple lovers will be available worldwide by Q2.

The company, headed by Steve Jobs, has so far resisted the temptation to enter the burgeoning netbook-computer market.

A tablet device similar to the iPhone could add fuel to the growing apps marketplace. Already Apple has more than 100,000 apps available on its Apps Store on iTunes.

Webcam talk

In recent days, the web went wild when a senior executive at Orange/France Telecom inadvertently suggested the anticipated tablet computer would come with a webcam.

If Apple is indeed buying up OLED panels, it is echoing a growing trend with the latest smart phones, such as Google’s Nexus One, the Zune HD and various digital cameras sporting the technology. But this revelation, if proven true, will mean the iPad tablet computer, as it has been dubbed, won’t be cheap and could come with a US$1,000 price tag.

Nevertheless, such a device is being clamoured for by Apple fans and could do for mobile computing what the iPhone did for smart phones.

By John Kennedy

Photo: Artist’s interpretation of the rumoured Apple iTablet

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years