Apple tablet spotted in the wild?

26 Jan 2010

Tomorrow is the big day for Apple’s unveiling of its new “creation” but this hasn’t stopped the latest image of what claims to be the new tablet device that looks suspiciously like a bloated iPhone.

The image of the Apple tablet device was posted by designer Dustin Curtis, who claims it is real, and show the tablet resting upon a 15-inch MacBook Pro, indicating that it is about 10 inches wide.

“I have reason to believe these are real, and that the person who took/released them purposefully manipulated the reflections to add doubt about their authenticity,” said Curtis in response to comments that the images look less than real.

If this is the real Apple tablet device (taken with a pinch of salt) then it appears to have the same power/data connection as the iPhone and with the same aluminium strip around the edge.

Slightly resembling an all-touch e-book reader/tablet, the device does not appear to have any physical buttons on the top surface but rather a slider power button on the side.

Whatever the case, the truth will be revealed tomorrow at 6pm Irish time.

By Marie Boran

Photo: The rumoured 10-inch Apple tablet device