Apple TV drops 40GB model

14 Sep 2009

While iTunes 9 bigged up media organisation on the home Mac or PC, it was also designed to work well with Apple TV, but with the lower-priced model storing only 40GB Apple has obviously decided to drop it and concentrate on the much larger 160GB version.

The good news is the 160GB model is now priced at the lower level of the 40GB one – US$299 – giving it a US$100 price cut.

The bad news is that for now, Ireland is still stocking both the 40GB and 160GB models at their original prices: €299 and €399.

Here’s why this news gets a little worse for Ireland: when Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled iTunes 9 last week in all its glory, he focused on iTunes Extra and iTunes LP. These two new features will work great with Apple TV; giving a “DVD extras” kind of added content and of course aiming to restore music albums to their former LP glory, complete with detailed artwork and extra interviews and footage from the musicians.

While Ireland can enjoy the LP content, the same cannot be said for iTunes Extras because due to licensing restrictions, we still have no downloadable TV shows or movies, but we live in hope!

By Marie Boran, via