Apple unveils ‘most incredible’ iMac yet

8 Aug 2007

According to Apple you can never be too thin or too powerful – when it comes to your desktop computer.

The new all-in-one iMac, which was unveiled yesterday, is “the most incredible desktop computer we’ve ever made”, according to Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

“Our new design features the innovative use of materials, including professional-grade aluminum and glass, that are highly recyclable,” he said.

The new iMac, while an all-in-one, has come a long way from the original “Bondi Blue” iMac first launched in 1998.

The original was bulky and heavy, a dinosaur in comparison to the 7.4 inch thick, 20lb aluminium encased desktop which comes in 20 and 24 inch screen sizes.

As per Apple’s design ethic, the iMac is designed to look pretty as well as pack some processing power, with a glass cover enclosing the screen and joining with the scratch proof aluminium casing.

Keeping with the minimalist design, the iMac comes with the Bluetooth wireless Mighty Mouse and optional wireless keyboard.

As per Apple’s promises for improved environmentally friendly policies, the new iMac meets the Energy Star 4.0 requirements from the US Environmental Protection Agency, adopted recently by the EU.

Along with a complete redesign, Apple has reduced the price of the iMac.

The new 20 inch iMac begins as €1,199, some €300 less expensive than the original one, and starting at €1,749, the 24 inch model is €200 cheaper.

While the 20 inch model comes with the option of a 250 to 750GB hard drive, the 24 inch has the option of up to 1TB.

The operating system is still the Mac OS X Tiger. The Leopard OS X, with what Apple claims are over 300 new innovations, is expected to be released in October of this year.

By Marie Boran