Are you the most annoying person on Facebook? (infographic)

6 Nov 2013

Facebook users who update their status constantly are the most annoying on the social network, suggest the results of a survey laid out in an infographic.

The infographic published by Love My Vouchers on lists and describes the 10 types of most annoying Facebook users, having drawn the information from results of a survey of 1,063 subscribers of Love My Vouchers who also use Facebook.

The second-most annoying Facebook user is The Boasting Traveller, followed by The Facebook Baby Bore, The Wannabe Masterchef, The Candy Crush Pest, The Long Lost ‘Friend’, The Professional Arguer, The Shameless Self Promoter, The Exaggerator, and The Loved Up Couple.


Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic