Arnold Schwarzenegger talks politics, Hollywood and favourite movie quotes on Reddit

16 Jan 2013

“Former Mr Olympia, Conan, Terminator, and Governor of California. I killed the Predator.” How better to introduce none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, who took to Reddit last night to let users ask him anything.

As is AMA (ask me anything) best practice, Schwarzenegger provided photographic evidence that he was ready to start fielding Redditors’ questions at about 7pm GMT last night. Under the handle GovSchwarzenegger, he answered questions ranging from the political to the personal in a post that garnered 15,227 comments.

Among the top questions and answers were whether the Austrian still speaks German or if he feels more comfortable speaking English these days (the latter proving true), and what is the best piece of advice he’s ever gotten (“My dad always said be useful.”).

Answering questions on his iPad, Schwarzenegger took the opportunity to submit some handwritten answers, including this one for a Redditor’s nine-year-old daughter who wanted to know if it was more fun to prepare for roles in action or comedy films. Classy guy!

Arnold Schwarzenegger goes AMA on Reddit

Arnie also revealed that he would like to work with directors Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg and Sam Raimi – exciting many Redditors with the prospect – and leaked the possibility of Twins II with the return of Danny DeVito and the addition of Eddie Murphy (yes, please!)

Though he said he misses the governor’s office, Schwarzenegger still enjoys making movies and said, “The important thing is that you are passionate for whatever you do,” and that being governor was his most challenging job, while acting is the most fun.

He also said his happiest moment was encapsulated in this image, when he became an American citizen (over this time when he met a deer).

Arnold Schwarzenegger goes AMA on Reddit

Schwarzenegger admitted that some of his famous one-liners were ad-libbed (though did not confirm which ones) and that every single screaming “Ayyaagh!” in his films was improvised. And his own favourite movie quotes? From someone else’s movie, it’s Clint Eastwood’s famous “’Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?” from Dirty Harry, and from his own: “I’ll be back.”

Though this fan favourite from Kindergarten Cop also got a special mention.

Arnold Schwarzenegger goes AMA on Reddit

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