Back on Earth, astronaut Chris Hadfield still shares photos from space

29 May 2013

What Mallorca, Spain, looks like from space. Photo via astronaut Chris Hadfield's Twitter account

Green patchwork joins together a Chinese mining town and strips of land make up the Bahamas in photos astronaut Chris Hadfield had taken aboard the International Space Station and that he is still sharing on social media.

Hadfield returned to Earth on 13 May after a five-month mission aboard the orbiting space lab, where he conducted research and scientific experiments, and delighted his social media followers with photographs of Earth.

Since Hadfield landed southeast of Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan, aboard a Soyuz spacecraft with flight engineers Tom Marshburn and Roman Romanenko, he has travelled to Houston, Texas. There, at the NASA Johnson Space Center, he has been undergoing medical tests and physiotherapy to help him readjust to the pull of gravity and help researchers study the effects of gravity on the human body.

He has also shared these remaining photos from his time in space on Facebook and Twitter:


The Bahamas.


“Dip your brush, paint something from this Chinese mining town’s palette,” Hadfield wrote about this photo.


Cairo, Egypt, twinkles brightly in the night as other lights line the Nile River.


“Tortured rock where India crashed into Asia and pushed up the Himalayas,” wrote Hadfield of this image.

Hudson Bay

Springtime causes the land to thaw along the edges of Hudson Bay, Canada.

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal, Siberia, with immensely deep, ancient waters, locked under late-winter ice, Hadfield noted.


Sunlight on the water reflects the many bays of Newfoundland, Canada, “like vertebra of rock,” Hadfield wrote.

Saudi Arabia

Not sequins, but a good place to drill for water, in Saudi Arabia, according to Hadfield.

South America

A South American lake.


Light snow and sun cover the American midwest.

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic