Barretstown provides greater family support with newly revamped site

12 Oct 2010

Irish charity Barretstown has relaunched its website, implementing social networking functionality and YouTube clips to help reach out to families with children experiencing serious illnesses.

The site now contains YouTube clips that tell stories related to volunteering, medical experiences and family testimonials.

These clips include more insight into what Barretstown does and details how it helps rebuild the lives of families and children.

The medical testimonials come from the leading paediatric oncologists in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Crumlin.

There is also interactive navigation for the families and a campers section, which shows families how Barretstown can help them and what they can expect from Barretstown.

A new calendar section is included, detailing all the times and locations of all upcoming family camps.

The charity set up a Facebook page six months ago and has received 2,000 fans during that space of time. The page allows families and volunteers stay in touch with each other outside of camp.

The page also lets them talk to the charity and others about their experiences with Barretstown.

Facebook functionality has also been included in the homepage, to keep all of the charity’s supporters up to date.