BBC arrives at iTunes

19 Feb 2008

We may be getting nearer the time when TV programmes are available for download from Apple’s iTunes store within Ireland, as today the BBC released a selection of television programmes for purchase within the UK only.

This move makes the BBC the first British broadcaster to provide TV content for download from the Apple iTunes store, with shows like Spooks, the Mighty Boosh, Robin Hood and Little Britain.

Recently aired shows will be made available for the BBC’s own iPlayer before they are provided for download on iTunes and all shows are priced at roughly €2.60 per episode.

UK iTunes customers already have a small selection of non-British programmes available for download from the iTunes store from MTV, Paramount Comedy and Warner Bros among others, with popular shows such as Lost, Friends and The West Wing on offer.

“Television programming has been incredibly popular with iTunes customers in the UK,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice-president of iTunes.

“We’re thrilled to add hit programming from the BBC with favourites including the latest ratings winner, Ashes to Ashes.”

Currently, Irish iTunes customers have downloadable video only in the form of Pixar animated shorts or music videos, priced at €2.29 each.

By Marie Boran