Be more than just a résumé – LinkedIn rolls out new portfolio feature

1 May 201388 Views

Business social network LinkedIn has begun rolling out a new feature that lets its users present their professional stories in a portfolio of images, videos and presentations.

Users can now begin adding multimedia portfolio material by simply editing their profiles.

LinkedIn said the ability to add visual content to their profiles begins today for English-speaking countries.

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“For the first time, you will now have the ability to showcase your unique professional story using rich, visual content on your LinkedIn profile,” said LinkedIn product manager Udi Milo.

“This means you can illustrate your greatest achievements in the form of stunning images, compelling videos, innovative presentations and more.

“From the analyst who makes annual predictions on tech trends to the 3D animator who is looking to fund a new short film, the opportunities are limitless for how professionals can now use the LinkedIn profile to help showcase these unique stories in a visual way,” Milo wrote in the LinkedIn blog.

John Kennedy is an award-winning technology journalist who served as editor of for 17 years.