Bebo’s back from the dead!

1 Feb 2012

Bebo, the social network that nobody thought they would miss, is back from the dead and is very much alive after some kind of technical shenanigans forced it to go dark yesterday.

On Monday night even the most cynical of Twitter commentators seemed to choke up at the news that Bebo had gone offline and may be gone for ever and hashtags like #ripbebo gathered all kinds of outpourings of grief.

Even founder Michael Birch appeared to be mourning its passing, before confirming that it would be back online.

Well we checked and Bebo is back.Bebo itself hasn’t revealed what happened but clearly it had to have been a server issue of some kind.

Birch returned to Bebo late last year as a strategic advisor. He sold it to AOL in 2008 for US$850m but AOL failed to sustain Bebo’s momentum in the face of growing competition from Facebook and Twitter.

It was sold in 2010 to Criterion Partners, a venture capital firm, for an undislosed sum.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years