Bin collector ensures SMS deal is no waste

28 Nov 2003

Waste collection firm Mr Binman and text marketing player Go2mobile have inked a deal whereby people can sign up for bin collection services through the medium of SMS.

Under the deal, Limerick-based Mr Binman joins Go2Mobile’s Keyword+ customer base, including a variety of leading Irish businesses such as the VHI and O2. The Dublin company’s technology has been implemented in over 30 countries.

The ordering service is available 24 hours a day and the company is also running various competitions such as “text-a-bin-to-win.” To avail of the service, mobile owners text the word “binman” along with their name and address to a designated mobile number.

Mr Binman started providing its waste management services to people in Limerick and Clare 10 years ago and has now built up a customer base of 45,000 household customers and 3,000 commercial or industrial customers.

Since August the company has been providing waste removal and recycling to the people of South Tipperary from a base in Clonmel. The company is hoping to increase its workforce from nine to 12 in the coming months.

By John Kennedy