Bing takes another slice of the Google pie

4 Aug 2009

Microsoft’s new, improved search engine Bing shows no signs of losing its shine; in fact it has gained another 1pc of the US search market, eating into Google’s lead.

According to an analysis carried out by the research arm of Irish web analytics firm Statcounter, Microoft’s share of the search market increased from 8.23pc to 9.41pc in the month of June.

This new figures mean that Microsoft and Yahoo combined took 20.36pc of the market in July in comparison to their 19.27pc the month previous.

While Google still holds the majority share of the search engine pie, with 77.54pc of market share in July, this is down from 78.48pc in June, meaning that the rising popularity of the Bing search engine has managed to cut away another 1pc slice of its dominance in the US.

“Bing continues to make slow but steady progress but the combined Yahoo figures suggests that the deal announced last week will have to demonstrate major future synergies if it is to make any dent in Google’s dominance,” commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO and founder, StatCounter.

Under this deal, a 10-year partnership between the two companies will mean that Microsoft will power Yahoo! search while the latter will become the exclusive worldwide relationship sales force for both companies’ premium search advertisers.