International bitcoin survey launches, promising big rewards for participants

20 Apr 2016

Irish bitcoin publication has launched its second annual international bitcoin survey, examining bitcoin use and the experiences of bitcoin and blockchain users worldwide.

The survey, launched today and running until 30 June, will ask participants about their interest in bitcoin and their experience with bitcoin wallets, trading and mining, as well as their usage of bitcoin faucets – reward systems that provide users with free bitcoin for completing tasks – and bitcoin gambling service providers.

As a reward for completing the survey, participants will be eligible to win a share of 1.25 bitcoin (BTC) – equivalent to roughly €580, at today’s exchange rate – divvied up between 16 payments over three months: five prizes of 0.05BTC at the end of April, May and June, and a 0.50BTC top prize awarded in July.

The survey will be available for the first time in multiple languages, and editor Jamie McCormick said he anticipates this year’s survey to be one of the most comprehensive public, non-US-centric surveys into the cryptocurrency and related technologies.

“Much of the research conducted on bitcoin to date is North America-focused, with little focus on European or international usage of the cryptocurrency [and the] added barrier of costing a lot of money to purchase and read,” said McCormick.

“Last year, we got a great response, in part due to our openness, publishing our results for the bitcoin community to read and interpret, and this year we will have even more detail as we compare bitcoin use in 10 non-English languages.”

A final report will be published online, readable for free, when the survey is completed.

In the meantime, information and proof of prize payment will be released via’s Twitter and Facebook pages, and running updates will be given on major forums and communities during the course of the survey.

Those interested in participating can find links to the localised surveys on the website.

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Kirsty Tobin was careers editor at Silicon Republic